HR Management, Recruitment

Human Resources Management is increasingly seen as a strategic support function within any organisation. This course is designed for Non-HR specialists and covers the core components of the employee lifecycle including Job Analysis and Descriptions, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Remuneration and Compensation and Exit Interviews. The course places strong emphasis on the links between the Business Plan and HR Planning, as well as the need to develop accurate and comprehensive Job Descriptions to drive success through people.
Who should attend?
Non-HR professionals who are responsible for HR activities; managers and professionals who are tasked with launching an HR department, HR professionals with less than five years of experience, and HR specialists who have limited generalist experience.
Course Contents
·    Basics of HR Management
·    Role & responsibilities of HR managers
·    Human resource forecasting
·    Preparing job descriptions
·    Recruitment process
·    Coordination with HR consultants
·    Finding suitable candidates
·    Planning Trainings
·    Performance reviews
·    Employee retention
·    Disciplinary actions
·    HR Committee decisions
·    Action Plan
Course Outcome:
Strengthen organizational performance. Develop recruitment and retention excellence. Decrease employee turnover
22-24 hours

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