project management

This course is a practical, industry standard, hands-on, case study based approach to managing projects that focuses on the principles of project management. It provides practical examples of project planning concepts of scope, budget, schedule development, risk, quality, and change control. This high impact project management course provides an overview of key project concepts and terminology, and helps individuals effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and close a project. It also helps develop and improve project management skills for managing current and future projects and is an ideal course for providing immediate implementation of project management knowledge and skills in your work place.
Who should attend?
The course is recommended for project managers, team leaders, senior executives, leaders, project team members, business analysts and managers.
Course Outline
·    The Project Initiation Stage
·    The Project Planning Stage
·    The Project Implementation Stage
·    The life cycle of the project
·    Assessing and managing risks
·    The Project Closing Stage

Estimation & Cost Control

The course enables you to master techniques such as estimating, forecasting, budgeting, monitoring, controlling, analysing and reporting. Delegates will earn a sound, logical framework for scheduling and controlling project activities and discover ways to work within the identified constraints without curtailing creativity and innovation. Participants will learn in detail how to manage the project in an effective way in terms of scheduling, controlling cost, and addressing the pertinent project manager roles and responsibilities.
Who should attend?
Project managers, team leaders, senior executives, leaders, project team members, business analysts and managers.
Course Outline
·    Project definition
·    Cost estimation and budgeting
·    Resource allocation and estimating
·    Scheduling
·    The Baseline
·    Project evaluation and control
·    Plan for contingencies and anticipate variations
·    Cost control
·    Project closeout and termination
·    Job costing and contract costing concepts for project management

Project Finance-Contracting Finance

Project financing is an integral part of any investment and banking decisions. The course is geared towards the need of financial managers to have a clear understanding on the concepts, best practices and tools and techniques in resolving issues with bank financing.
Who can do this?
Bankers, Financial Managers, those who want to make career in the field of Banking
Course Outline
Basic criteria of project evaluation
Profile of Master developer/contractor
Financial planning & project projections
Projected cash flows & budgetary controls
Shortfall in cash flows
Requirement for Bank financing
Bank Guarantees
Decision Making Tools
Letter of Credit or Documentary Credit
Assignment of cash flows
Repayment of bank loans
Monitoring of project

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