Change Management

Change Management is a critical skill and this course has been designed to look at the fundamental challenges in getting people to change their patterns of behaviour and their working practices and adopt the new methods that result from the implementation of change. The course involves a great deal of participation to answer questions posed by the trainer and to share understanding of the concepts of change management with other learners.
Course is designed to make sure that new change is implemented and managed in such a way that it becomes a way of life. This course combines change theory, techniques and strategies along with practical real life experience.
Who should attend?
Project and Business Managers, staff responsible for planning and managing change
Course Contents
·    The principles of change management
·    Methods of planning for change
·    Creating urgency for change
·    Understanding how organizational culture can help/hinder the process of change
·    Checklist for launching organisational change
·    Positive and negative experiences of change
·    The personal impact of change
·    The importance of communication and involving people to facilitate effective change
·    The benefits of change and the consequences of not changing
·    The role of communication in successful implementation of change
·    Barriers to change - how to identify them and other difficulties in implementing change
·    Ways to organise and co-ordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change
·    Action planning and review

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