Consultancy Services
  • Company provides strategic training, professional development and counseling for corporate, small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. The core services that will be offered from day one will be:

    Financial training, project management, language skills, strategic planning, marketing/sales planning, accountability processes, business planning and work/life balance implementation.

    One-on-One Training includes ongoing reinforcement to support Strategic Training program, professional development training, leadership, career or management training.

    On Demand Training (for time restricted clients) includes but is not limited to, private and objective business or professional training, affordable and "on-demand," access to training via phone/email.

    Special Projects includes strategic business planning and implementation, marketing plans and implementation, leadership development, people management and systematizing businesses.

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Basis of Accounting
BASIS OF ACCOUNTINGThis training will provide an overview of business finance and accounting - a core skill that’s often in demand, particularly if you’re looking for promotion, additional responsibility or to broaden your opportunities.Who can d
Finance for Non Finance
FINANCE FOR NON FINANCENon-finance managers rely on financial information to make business decisions, with the ultimate aim of improving business performance. Unfortunately, financial reports, and even finance colleagues, are often misunderstood. Thi