CPA-Certified Public Accountant

High Steps Training and CPA in Dubai – The only right  combination to crack the code of disruptive career growth

Businesses are built on the back of innovative strategists  and passionate advisors who are most likely CPAs. Being a Certified Public  Accountant means being at the nucleus of the business and, drive strategic  excellence through strongfinancial insights, deep business acumen and hack  proof technical wizardry.

We promise you 'Instant pass out,  Guaranteed Success' – Brave Statement that only we can make

To you, High Steps Training offers best conductive programs  for CPA courses in Dubai and invites you to engage with our most prestigious  faculty determined to guide you through CPA in Dubai. Together our proven  teaching excellence coupled with custom CPA courseware and tools promise  nothing lesser than steering you through CPA exams the first time, every time.

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 Ask us, who else can help you with authentic and fast help  regarding CPA courses in Dubai.

Who can do CPA?

Professional Accountants, Finance managers, CFO's. Visit us with your transcripts and get free advice on whether you are eligible to opt for CPA or not!

Structure of Course

There are 4 exams in CPA.
·    Auditing & Attestation
·    Financial Accounting & Reporting
·    Regulation
·    Business Environment & Concepts

How to become CPA?

Pass Uniform CPA examination. Upon passing the CPA Exam, you will receive your CPA certificate. There are other educational and professional work experience requirements for licensure CPA that vary from state to state. Once you have obtained your CPA license to practice, you will need to take continuing professional education courses annually to retain your license.

High Steps Course Training for CPA

Approximately 36-42 hours of training will be provided in each paper of CPA.

When to appear in CPA exams?

·    February
·    May
·    August
·    November

Where can you sit in CPA exams?
You will be allowed to take the CPA examination at any one of the authorized "Prometric Test centers in the UAE.

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